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Mattel Unveils 1966 'Batman' TV Series Ken and...

Posted on February 10 2013 by Louis Trapani in batman

Mattel Unveils 1966 'Batman' TV Series Ken and Barbie Catwoman - #batman http://t.co/f2ku8vv8 Louis Trapani (@LouisTrapani) February 10, 2013

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Posted on September 19 2012 by Louis Trapani in Born, OnThisDay, Batman, FamilyGuy

#Born #OnThisDay 1928: Adam West, American actor. #Batman #FamilyGuy http://t.co/eZ130Vg3 Louis Trapani (@LouisTrapani) September 19, 2012 William West Anderson (born September 19, 1928), better known by his stage name Adam West, is an American actor...

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