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Trapped in social media

Testing Overblog

Posted on August 1 2012 by Louis Trapani in overblog, social media, blogging, internet, Safari

I've been testing the beta 1.0 of Overblog (my overblog site) which gives me a timeline similar to Facebook, but pulls in many of my social media postings into one place with the ability to post content directly on it, such as this posting.

It seems to bog down Safari though using it (especially when I have the theme editor open). I need to test it with other browsers. I suspect it is relating to javascripts.

It has some way to go, but it does have potential. I would like to see the ability to incorporate this into existing sites. Though I suppose that is doubtful it would happen as I believe Overblog wants to be its own platform in a sense, similar to Tumblr.

Overblog was at Blogworld & New Media Expo NY 2012, but I didn't have the opportunity to speak or interview them there. The demo video being shown there gave me a completely different expectation of what the service was though.

I realize it is still in beta now. We will see how it matures. It might serve as a complement to my Tweeter Trending site.

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